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I procrastinated working on one vocaloid song...

and started writing one for a vocaloid I don't even OWN yet.

I'm going to see how well gumi's trial version works...

after I learn how to tune

With Vocaloid 4…
TV's first test video is up! Please go give it a listen!
I got Amane Luna, and made a crappy cover of Setsuna Plus. 

That, and TV'S finally done! ...or, at least, their romaji bank is. OTL  I'll be uploading a cover with TV soon, so look forward to that!
I've almost got TV done! Only 40 more necessary syllables to go!
Guess who's making an utauloid?
So, I remade my account. I dunno if I'll deactivate the other account, but this will be my main account from this point forward.